Installing and launching Manuscripts

You can download Manuscripts for free at, or by following this link.

NEW! Manuscripts is entirely free to use without limitations. We are also working on making the entire codebase available under an Open Source license. To stay up to date on this and all other updates regarding the app, sign up for our newsletter.

  • If you have any trouble downloading the app, launching or using Manuscripts, please contact us at for 1:1 support questions that you want to keep private. Use this route if you want to send us any support requests that require sending us manuscript files or other attachments.
  • You can post support requests to a community supported forum. Use this route if you don’t necessarily need to reach the development team quickly. Although the Manuscripts team reads the forum at times, the information available this route may not be fully current and we rely on some community moderation and responses.
  • To send us bug reports and feature requests, please send us GitLab Issues.

Installing and Running Manuscripts

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open Finder and drag the un-archived bundle to /Applications or ~/Applications.
    • If your browser did not already un-archive the you downloaded, double-click it in Finder to unarchive it, before dragging it.
    • NOTE! It is important to drag the app either into /Applications** or to ~/Application (Applications folder under your home directory) rather than using it from e.g. ~/Downloads, because macOS is guaranteed to register its Spotlight and QuickLook support only once this has been done).
  3. Launch the app you placed in the Applications folder (double-click in Finder, or click it in the Dock).