Using a template for your manuscript

Templates define a manuscript’s default sections, word and character count limits, citation style, layout, format, and export requirements.

When creating research manuscripts for submission, using a publisher’s template gives you the confidence that you are meeting their content and format requirements. This results in a faster export process on your part, as well as quicker processing of your submission by the publisher.

Select a research article template and start your manuscript

  1. Choose Create new manuscript on the Welcome screen or select File > New > Manuscript with Template… from the main menu.

    List of templates

  2. Browse or search for available templates.

    You can select a template category from the list to the left, then scroll through the available templates. Some categories, such as Research Article, have hundreds of templates. Others may not yet have templates.

    Manuscript-verified templates are indicated by a badge icon.

  3. Once you have found and selected the template you need, click Choose.

    This brings up a dialog where you can refine the defaults for your document:

    Template dialog

  4. Select the default sections you want to use for your manuscript from the Sections dropdown:

    Choose default sections for your document

  5. Change the body text settings as desired.
  6. Set the default export formats, word and figure count limits, and the file layouts for figures and tables.
  7. Click Create Manuscript.

Find research article templates

Manuscripts offers hundreds of research article templates. To find the templates applicable to your work, you can filter by topic area and search template titles.

  • To filter by topic in the New Manuscript dialog, select a topic from the dropdown above the left panel.
  • To search, use the search field in the upper right corner.

Flag a template for later reference

As you browse the list of templates, you can flag or bookmark any template that you want to revisit later.

  1. Click the template to select it.
  2. Click the bookmark icon to flag the template.

    Flagging a template

  3. To view the templates you have flagged, select the Flagged category from the list to the left.

    List of flagged templates

Create a dissertation manuscript

  1. Select File > New > Manuscript With Template to bring up the New Manuscript dialog and select Dissertations from the left panel.
  2. Double-click on the degree for your dissertation, such as Master of Science (MSc).
    This opens a dialog where you can set up your manuscript.

    Creating a dissertation template
  3. Enter a Title and Institution for your manuscript.
  4. Select the Topic from the dropdown.
  5. Add, remove, and set word counts for the sections you want in your dissertation.
    • For an existing section, enter the minimum and maximum word count.
    • To remove a section, select it and click -.
    • To add a section, click + and select a section from the dropdown.
    • You can add sections and set word counts after you create the manuscript, if you prefer.
  6. Click Continue.
    This opens a dialog where you can define styles for your dissertation, including how figures and tables will be exported.

    Defining the layout for a dissertation
  7. Set the styles you want to apply to your dissertation, then click Continue. You can set these styles after you create the manuscript, as well, in the style tab of the Inspector.
  8. Click Create Manuscript.

Request a template

You can request a template for document types, such as essays and grant applications, that do not have any templates available. The Request for a manuscript template link will open an email message addressed to the Manuscripts team.

Apply a new template to your existing manuscript

To create a new manuscript submission from an existing one, using a different template, use the Duplicate with Template…* feature:

  1. With your original manuscript open, select File > Duplicate with Template… from the main menu.
    This opens the New Manuscript dialog.
  2. Select the template you want to use for the new version of your manuscript and click Choose.
  3. Set the title and defaults for the new version of your manuscript.
  4. Click Create Manuscript.
    A new manuscript is created from your original manuscript, using the new template. Where section names match between documents, the contents remain. Existing sections that do not match the new manuscript defaults are added as new sections, and sections that are new with this template appear with placeholder text.

    Note: This process automatically updates your citations to use the citation style of the new template.