4 Cite with the Bookends reference manager

If you use Bookends as your reference manager, you can either retrieve citations using the Copy Citation option in Bookends, or import your Bookends library into Manuscripts and add citations using the built-in citation tool.

Notes: Bookends support requires Manuscripts 1.1.3 or later.

Copy individual citations from Bookends

To copy a citation from Bookends:

  1. Place the text insertion cursor at the location where you wish to place a citation.
  2. Open and bring into focus Bookends. See Use Bookends bibliography search for a shortcut.
  3. Choose Edit > Copy Citation.

Bookends Copy Citation

You can activate the Bookends bibliography search function directly from Manuscripts by selecting Window > Open Bookends Bibliography Search (โŒƒโ‡งโŒ˜B) from the main menu.

Import Bookends references into Manuscripts

For details on how to use your reference library from within Manuscripts, see: