Clean unreferenced bibliography data

There are several cases where you may have unreferenced bibliography data available to you in Manuscripts:

  • When you have imported a reference library and have not cited all of the references.
  • When you have removed citations from your document. Manuscripts retains the reference in case you plan to cite it again later.

Unreferenced data does not display in your document. For example, if you have a Bibliography as part of your document, Manuscript only includes cited references.

Keeping unreferenced bibliography data won’t cause any problems. However, if you want to reduce the visual clutter of references that you do not plan to cite, you can clean it up:

  1. Go to Window > Show Bibliography Data.
  2. Right-click in the bibliography window and choose Select All Unreferenced.
  3. Right click again and choose Delete.

    Alternatively, you can delete only the specific items you know to be unreferenced.

If the bibliography and citations did not automatically update, choose Format > Refresh Citations from the main menu.