6 Insert a citation with the built-in citation tool

To insert a citation using Manuscripts’ built-in citation tool:

  1. Place your cursor where you want your citation to appear.
  2. Open the citation tool by clicking the Insert Citation button on the toolbar.
    Toolbar insert citation or cross-reference button
    This brings up a list of all imported references. If you do not see any references, you need to import or re-import bibliography data from your reference manager.

  3. If your reference list is long, you can search for the reference you need using the search bar at the top of the pop-up.
  4. Select a reference and click Cite.

    Manuscripts inserts the citation at your cursor location, using the citation style you have specified. If you have not specified a style, Manuscripts uses the default style defined in your template.

    If this is the first citation you are inserting into this document, Manuscripts asks you if you would like to insert a bibliography section at the end of your document. If you decline, you can add a bibliography later using the Insert > Bibliography menu option.

Note: In addition to using the Insert Citation button in the toolbar, you can also add a reference using the Insert > Citation option from the main menu.