Manuscript file versioning backups and change tracking

In short, your Manuscripts documents are versioned for backup and rollback purposes right now, and we intend to build change tracking features after 1.0.

  1. The Manuscripts file format is fully version controlled and provides an “infinite” history (all the way back to its beginning), at the level of each edit you make to it.

    • All edits you make to the manuscript go into an infinite version history already.
    • There is presently no user interface in the app yet to present this embedded version history.
    • We intend to build some exciting features based on this version history after the 1.0 version: change tracking and snapshotting named of versions.
  2. Manuscripts also stores versions of the document that you edit on each device in a separate, redundant backup and rollback intended version history.

    • You can view this version history with File > Versions > Browse Earlier Versions.
    • With this file versioning feature you can roll back to earlier revisions stored on the device where you made that version.
    • This version history is a redundant backup mechanism for your data intended to protect your data and allow going further back in time than what the undo history of each app session allows.

However, you can never be too careful and we still recommend you to keep a regular Time machine backup of your work.