Create a new paragraph style

At the heart of the Manuscripts writing workflow is its separation of document outline, content and styling. Section, subsection etc headings and manuscript body paragraphs are formatted automatically according to the style that is associated for each of those document parts. This is in part what allows you to focus your efforts on the contents of what you are writing, and edit styles in a centralized way such that all parts of the document which fulfill the same role can be edited with one action.

There are built-in styles in a Manuscripts document, but you can also create your own paragraph styles that can be assigned to parts of the manuscript body. For instance you may want to create a paragraph style for quote paragraphs.

Here’s how you can create a new paragraph style:

  1. Open the paragraph style inspector with View > Inspector > Style (โ‡งโŒ˜2) when you have a paragraph selected (such that the paragraph style inspector palette will be shown).
  2. If the “Body Text” paragraph style is not selected in the Paragraph style choice popup menu, click it to select it, then choose Duplicate to duplicate the paragraph style.
  3. Click again in the paragraph style choice popup menu to rename the style you created, for instance to “Quote” in case it is a style you intend to use for quotes.
  4. Finally, in the editor, hover over a paragraph you want to assign the quote style and click on the o symbol left of the paragraph. In the Style context menu that appears, choose “Quote” (or whatever you named your paragraph style to).

NOTE: We do intend to also add more specialized support for block quotes in the app. If you have requests for other specialized paragraph types you would like to see specialized support for, please don’t hesitate to contact us either over here or via with a feature request.