Full Screen Mode

To see your document in a distraction-free full-screen mode, select View > Enter Full Screen from the main menu. You can add and edit content in this view.

With the default settings, you’ll see just the editor (the document portion of the Manuscripts window) on a dark background. To bring a hidden UI element into view, move your cursor to the far edge where it would normally appear. For example, to bring up the menu and toolbar, move your cursor to the top edge of the screen.

Press esc to leave this mode.

Customize Full Screen Mode

To customize full screen mode to include the UI elements most useful to you, select Manuscripts > Preferences > Full Screen.

Full Screen Preferences

  • Toggle the toolbar, outline, inspector, and status bar on or off.
  • To control how much of the display width is taken up by the editor, set the margin to narrow, medium, or wide margin. If you want the editor to take up the entire width of your display, select full available width.