Gutter Helpers

Gutter helpers appear in the left margin of the editor. Clicking on the + or o brings up a menu of shortcut actions for adding or modifying the part of your manuscript currently in focus.

Gutter helpers

Gutter element Description
+ Insertion menu, where you can add a new section, paragraph, list, figure, or equation. If a section heading is in focus, you can also add a new subsection.
o Selection menu, with context-appropriate options for modifying the current element.
Vertical line Shows the area in focus for the gutter helpers. Actions you take will be applied to this area.

Selection menu options

The options you see in the selection menu are based on the element currently in focus:

Element Available selection menu actions
Section Show or hide heading, merge into previous section, edit placeholder text, delete the section.
Paragraph Change style between body text and table of contents, convert to a section, delete the paragraph.
List Toggle between bullets and numbers, delete the list.
Figure panel Apply a figure style, set the layout within the panel, set the display size, change the export setting for this figure only, toggle captions, delete the panel.
Table Apply a table style, change the export setting for this table only, toggle table headers, footers, and captions, delete the table.
Equation Toggle captions, delete the equation.
Listing Toggle captions, delete the listing.

Hide or show gutter helpers

You can toggle gutter helpers on or off in preferences. To do so:

  1. From the main menu, select Manuscripts > Preferences > Editing.
  2. Check or uncheck Show smart gutter in the left margin when editing.

Hiding gutter helpers