The Outline, which appears in a sidebar to the left of the manuscript window, shows the structure of your manuscript. Click the Outline button in the left side of the status bar to show or hide the Outline: Outline button

Use the Outline to quickly navigate between sections, add subsections, move sections around. You can also see lists of all the figures, tables, and equations contained in the document, sorted sequentially or grouped by section.

Outline sidebar

Right-clicking on items in the Outline offers more actions:

Outline element What you can do
Sections Merge with previous section, delete section, create a subsection, hide headings, add a new section following this one.
Figures Apply a figure style, set the panel layout, control the displayed width, set the export preference, toggle figure captions, and delete the figure panel.
Tables Apply a table style, toggle table headers, footers, and captions, set the export preference, and delete the table.
Equations Toggle captions and delete the equation.
All elements Add a paragraph, number, or bulleted list; insert a figure panel, table, or block-level equation.

If you have word or character count limits set for a section, you may see warnings warning icon in sections where you have entered content. This indicates that the count limits haven’t been met or have been exceeded. Click the warning icon for details.

Note: You can hide paragraphs in the Outline so that you see only sections, subsections, and elements such as Figures and Equations. To do so, select Manuscripts > Preferences > Editing and turn paragraphs off.