Importing manuscript content fails

We have received a few reports of an issue where importing manuscript documents can fail with an error message of the sort "couldn’t be copied because you don’t have permission to access "…". This issue is rare and can happen due to Manuscripts using the macOS sandbox security model, and macOS itself putting the location it provides for Manuscripts for files it needs for optimising its performance, temporary file storage etc in a state where it doesn’t have permission to it – most unfortunate!

Clearing the settings and cache directory created by Manuscripts application fortunately helps with this issue. To clear Manuscripts into its “factory settings”, please complete the following steps:

1) Open Finder. 2) Go > Go To Folder (or hit Shift+Command+G) 3) Enter ~/Library/Containers into the window that opened and then click “Go”

Once you’ve done that your Finder window should be now in a folder where you see the folder “com.manuscripts.Manuscripts”.

4) Please drag the folder com.manuscripts.Manuscripts into Trash (this clears the cache directory that contains safely deletable information that improves the performance of Manuscripts and which it uses when exporting documents, etc).

5) Open /Applications/Utilities/ 6) Copy and paste the following into the terminal window, and hit Enter after:

defaults delete com.manuscripts.Manuscripts

couldn’t be copied because you don’t have permission to access “C2E9CF25”.